Failure & Doubt

Yesterday, Peter and I had a rare experience in the studio.  We failed.  I mean, completely failed at starting a new song.

It started just like every other song we've built so far.  I brought him vocals and some examples of songs I'd like it to sound like.  He helped build the underlying chord progression, and then we started with the instrumentation.  But everything he tried sounded wrong, and I couldn't manage to articulate why.  He ended up building some interesting percussion, but it wasn't anything like what I expected or could hear in my head.  

I'm shaken about the whole thing. How did this happen?  If I was in my right mind, I suppose I would be asking how this hasn't happened yet.  But not right now.  Now I'm wondering if we'll ever click on another song again.  Imposter syndrome creeping in.  Doubts about my abilities as a songwriter.  I feel a spiral coming.