Definitely check it out, and prepare to be rocked, emotionally, vocally, and musically. ”

Andy Frisk, Alternative Nation, 9/26/18

Weather McNabb

Professional.  Millennial.  Feminist.  Betrayed. 

Weather was born in Minneapolis but has spent most of her adult life north of Boston. In the aftermath of the Great Recession she opted against pursuing a music career, surviving instead by jumping between bookkeeping jobs while documenting her day-to-day struggles via songwriting.   

By 2012 she couldn’t wait any longer, partnering with Grammy-nominated producer Arty “Skye” Shweky on her first (unreleased) single titled “Join Me”.  Having gained a taste for the studio but run out of resources, she took a hiatus from music to finish her undergraduate degree and restock coffers. In the summer of 2016 she was ready for a larger push into music, connecting with Boston indie music legend and producer Peter Moore (Count Zero, Think Tree). Over the next two years, the team crafted seven songs together, eventually whittling the list down to five for Weather’s debut EP.  

Cubicle Zombie (2018) starts out timid but quickly turns ferocious. Alternative & electronica undertones, bluesy yet powerful vocals and dark, clever lyrics coalesce to form a coming of age story; the harsh realities and dangers of the modern world are nothing like expected. 

Weather is currently back in the studio working with Peter Moore on her second release.  Follow her journey in real time via blog or Twitter.  

Peter Moore (Composer, Producer, Engineer)

Peter Moore has had a passion for writing songs since the age of four. He has composed interactive and programmatic music for videogame publishers such as Disney, Activision, MTV Games, React Entertainment among others. He excels at and enjoys shifting stylistically between rock, pop, classical, alternative, experimental, ambient, whatever the game, film, or muse requires; whatever it inspires. He’s composed for productions by Blue Man Group and Sony Pictures, various theaters and indie films, as well as writing original songs for his innovative, genre-smashing rock bands Think Tree and Count Zero.

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Jeff Lipton & Maria Rice (Mastering Engineers)

Peerless Mastering was founded in 1995 by world-renowned mastering engineer Jeff Lipton.  Jeff and assistant mastering engineer Maria Rice have  completed hundreds of projects for clients ranging from unsigned independent artists to major-label performers.  Jeff & Maria were  nominated for the 2018 Grammy awards for mastering Bobo Yeye: Belle Epoque In Upper Volta.

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Sid Ceaser (Photographer)

Independent photographer, specializing in headshots, musicians and cosplay shots.  Nominated as Best Visual artists for the Hippo for five years in a row.   Nominated for a NH Business in the Arts award and a New England Art award.  Featured on websites like Kotaku, Good Morning America, WPPI Online, Petapixel, Huffington Post, Westcott University, Lomography and FStoppers.   The Muppet Proposal guy.   A talented goofball and pleasure to work with! 

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