"This 5 song EP marks the debut of Weather McNabb and the beginning of her takeover of the world ...It’s hard to see a scenario where this talented lady from the Boston area by way of Minnesota doesn’t start to blow up post haste." -  Justin Harlan, Rock On Philly,


"Cubicle Zombie is a tremendously tight, fully-formed collection of songs that prove the years of work spent finishing it were worth it, and hopefully it won’t be long before McNabb’s next collection of songs." - Cody Conord, The Big Takeover


"Definitely check it out, and prepare to be rocked, emotionally, vocally, and musically." -  Andy Frisk, Alternative Nation,


"Weather McNabb is a feminist who tackles some very relatable topics in today's current climate.  This is just one reason to check out 'Cubicle Zombie.'  Another reason would be Weather's voice.  I can definitely pick up shades of Shirley Manson and Fiona Apple in her tone and style....  This EP is one we highly recommend to our readers." - On Request Magazine,


"If you dig electronic music with sultry vocals, this is gonna hit you in all the right places. " -  Now Hear This Music


 "The Boston singer-songwriter’s lyrics and voice are superb....  This is an artist to keep on your radar." - Robert Miranda, RiseUpDaily


"[Adapt] has that overall feel of survival which I think we all need right now.  In these times, yes, these are the anthems we need." - Joshua Macala, Raised by Gypsies


"When [War Paint] ramps up, McNabb struts the diva-like qualities of her powerful voice, reminiscent of Adele, but actually more dominant." - Randall Radic,


"It’s a dark dystopian musical set to the tune of a soul-sucking corporate treadmill....  Fortunately for us Weather McNabb’s suffering gives rise to beautiful art." - Evolvement Radio (Newburyport MA)


"Her voice is sultry and the music is witty and unexpected.... Indeed, as McNabb chants on “Adapt,” the elders have lied…." - Alternative Control CT


"The album features a powerful voice...  also it delivers a brilliant story "in a world of sexism, perseverance, and self doubt."" - Mena Ezzat, Rock Era Magazine