The Art of Process Podcast

I cannot recommend this podcast enough.  I'm an Aimee Mann fan ('Til Tuesday's Everything's Different Now album will be forever burned into my brain), so I was intrigued when I saw it pop up on Twitter a while back.  I'm not much of a podcast person, as I prefer to spend my commutes/workouts listening to music or practicing my own.  But as the name implies, The Art of Process is about the creative process.  Creativity is not just this mythical lightning bolt.  It's a combination of practice, observation and pattern recognition.  It's fears and channeling those fears.  It's working through the doubt and trusting in the process itself.  It's been fascinating to hear how some of these patterns transcend the medium (she and Ted Leo have interviewed comedians, musicians, physical artists and even critics), but I've taken lessons from every one of these podcasts.

Listen!  Seriously!