Social Media Break (continued)

I've taken a long break from social media over the past few months.  Uninstalled Twitter and Facebook from my phone.  I was emotionally drained after the chaos at the end of last year.  Couple that with major surgery for my mother (and the looming possibility of losing my other parent), and I needed to conserve my emotional resources this spring.     

It's been refreshing and healthy for me, but counterproductive for the music.  My streams have dropped off.  I haven't connected with my fans.  I squandered opportunities from the attention I received at release.  Kicking myself.  But my mental health was the priority.   

Peter and I are taking a studio break this summer due to conflicting schedules.   I'm torn between promoting Cubicle Zombie / finding my fans, or focusing on the album in process (which is about 35% complete).   I'd rather do the latter (comfortable! songwriting! art!) versus the former (new and scary! awkward self-promotion! stupid fucking branding and buzzwords!).  

At some point, I'll see you back on social media.