Inequality / War Stories

This is a little delayed, but I feel the need to document it.

The night before heading back to Minneapolis to bury my father, I stayed over with my sister and her husband (airport logistics and whatnot).  After a meal of delicious Thai food and too many gingery drinks while perched in the kitchen, we got into an impassioned discussion about sexual harassment and inequality.  My sister and I traded war stories about harassment, including experiences with bosses calling us drunk on Valentine's Day and peers cornering us in our cars to profess attraction during a lunch run.  My brother-in-law listened to these stories in amazement.  To his credit, he shared stories about how his male peers believe men and women are equal, and how the things my sister and I were sharing were outside the realm of possibility for these guys.  

It made me realize that most women go through this, and most men are still blind to it.  It's getting better, but slowly.  Sometimes we play along because our survival is at stake; it's easier to just flirt back then to risk retaliation.  But we're all tired of playing this game.  On the plane ride back from Minneapolis, I started channeling these sentiments into a song for the next album.