My Niece's Music Class

So apparently my niece told her music teacher about my new album, and they listened to it in their music class today.  She's 7.  Everyone was dancing (except "one dumb boy") and really liked it!

I'm still trying to process this whole thing.  It's really cool, and really sweet to picture, but not at all what I expected (apparently that's a theme in my life).   I certainly wasn't targeting kids that young when I wrote these songs, but the teacher must've thought they were cool enough to share.  I wonder if they'll actually have an impact on the kids, or if they'll forget about them tomorrow, or if I'm helping to cultivate the next generation of activists...

You never know how people are going consume your music.  In my mind I knew that as soon as they were released I'd have no control, but it didn't really hit me until this. 

....Certainly hope they skipped User Error :P