Before Thanksgiving, at a mutual friend's wedding, I was honored when my friend Jack asked if he could use Cubicle Zombie as the pre-show and intermission music for the Forge Theater Lab's debut production, Generations.  I ended up attending the Friday show with the aforementioned mutual friend (Courtney), as supporting local theater has been a hallmark of our friendship (and a consistent excuse for us to spend time together between crazy sporadic adulting).   It was a great show, comprised of 10 short plays written by Fitchburg State University alumni and faculty.  An excellent concept, and there are some very talented playwrites coming out of that program!


It was surreal to hear my work in a public setting.  It was even more surreal when, during intermission, one of the crew came out to greet my friend and I and mentioned that she'd been listening to my EP pretty much non-stop.  I awkwardly thanked her and bumbled something self-depreciating, which has always been my knee-jerk response when confronted with praise.  My imposter syndrome runs deep.  


To that woman:  You were the first stranger to compliment my music in person.  It's surreal to think I have fans out in the real world that I've never met, nor will ever meet.  Thank you, genuinely.