Women of Substance

Last Monday, Good Morning was featured on episode #903 (!!) of the award-winning Women of Substance Radio podcast.  I'll admit that I hadn't heard of WOS before researching ways to get the word out about my album (I was also on somewhat of a self-imposed music media blackout while producing CZ), but I am extremely impressed with the quality of other musicians featured.  Seriously, go check it out!  It's overwhelming trying to navigate the glut of independent music available, and Bree Noble does an excellent job curating up and coming artists.  I will be listening to WOS regularly.  

Just in case you need another reason to check it out, War Paint will be featured on episode #908 on Friday 1/18 and Time Machine will be featured on episode #911 on Friday 1/25.  Very honored and humbled to be featured in such good company!